Wednesday, June 8, 2011


ok...sory not updatin bout my green lung adventure last week at melacca..
green lung say lung uhuyyyy...

nex time k...malas many things to share..gile best..really misz them..
the activities so cool..flashmob..stick n run..freeze!!..melacca rush..guin out during nite(my own event) gile!!
n time tula fes time maen arhery,mkn seoul garden..msok muzium2 kt mlake...naek mnare tming sari....n also..
the green lung member's there...they r soooo sportin!!mmg xde r nk bajet2..kutuk2 ke..skema smacam ke..instead they r easy to be approach n funny lol..u guys r superb!!!..yeay

yeah i got new job ..dkat bakery shop....bakery shop???
hurmm...layak ke??hah..dun care!!
ala ..blaja la..btol x??huhu...
cz nk cri kje laen amat keeep on learnin new things..ok???

one more bout my result??alhmdulillah...dpt target la..xdela dean list un..huh...
juz the dosage killin me..dun wurry we'll meet again next semester n dun be too harsh to me again ok syg?hah....

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