Thursday, December 23, 2010

hang out bfore back!

chill man..!!(maria elena tone)
bfore back to usm..n bfore 24th dec come~~

went to ts..(x de tmpat laen ke)..yeah..of course lof of it..but i luv ts more la..
RM10  here..RM15 ma~i wanna save~~ n leave some money to LIVE..ahhah's been a long time since i last heard from them..
bile bwu knal lak an..
yesterday im just.."wei krunk egt blek nme ak ape??"..huhu...x egt kne krunk..

waitin epi n dia in salon shop..promotion beb~~dat time me,izma n adek round leisure dlu..
nk menanges tggu dwank...baek jln2 dlu an..then fter they r fnish we went to ts..
we just like..wah..artist!! luv their hair..

my toye face cannot be change

epi,aina,dia n adek(they r gorgeous rite?)not me la~
izma not there..tkin our pix..

leisure-kunun sjuk r pkai cardigen(aksi smate2)
 these r only pix taken from my hp..
i'll try to look other pix..
if they tagged me..if la..kan!hahaa

even i met syazana(coursemate) at ts..
ok~~dats all...
nutin greatla la pegi london!an!

ps:i went to watch tron wif yana it so much..gile  hebat..
rse cm nk tgk lagi(the feelin lik dat r)..huhu..


La Ameera. said...

jalan je keje ko enn

La Ainaa~ said...

da nk blek da an..